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We know that you are concerned with how your personal and financial information is handled. This Privacy Policy sets out our current policies and demonstrates our commitment to the privacy of your information. It should be read in conjunction with our Website Terms and Conditions as well as any product terms and conditions provided to you. We may change the content or services found on our website at any time without notice, and consequently our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and at any time in the future. You agree to revisit this page regularly and your continued access to, or use of the website will mean that you agree to the changes.

Personal Information

We may collect and hold your personal information through various channels including when you complete application forms for insurance; respond to requests from us or on our behalf for additional personal information; submit a claim; or access our website to perform an online transaction. Your information will be held in accordance with UK and other relevant data protection legislation.  We will use your personal information for servicing our relationship with you, to provide you with products and services, to evaluate the effectiveness of this Site, to assess your financial needs, to conduct our business, provide you with better customer services and for statistical analysis.

Your information may also be used for the detection and prevention of fraud and for audit purposes. If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this. We may pass such information to law enforcement and other legal agencies, governmental or judicial bodies, or to regulators.

We may, in carrying out your instructions, processing and administering claims, transfer your personal data to other MedExPlans entities and third parties acting on our behalf inside or outside the European Union where there may be less stringent data protection laws. However, wherever it is held and processed, your personal data will be protected by a strict code of security which we and any third parties working on our behalf are subject to and will only be used in accordance with our instructions.

We maintain strict security standards and procedures with a view to preventing unauthorized access to your data by anyone, including our staff. We use leading technologies such as (but not limited to) data encryption, firewalls and server authentication to protect the security of your data.

Medical and health information

In order to assess the terms of your insurance cover, including specific medical exclusions, or to administer claims, we may collect medical information which the UK Data Protection Act defines as ‘sensitive’ information. Your medical information will only be disclosed to those involved with your treatment or care, including your medical practitioner, or their agents. If you ask us to, our HQ in UK  will also send your medical information to any person or organization that may be responsible for meeting your treatment expenses, or their agents. Your information may be discussed with your agent or broker if you have requested the broker to assist you in handling your claims and you have authorized us to provide them with such medical information.

We will not disclose your medical information to any other individual or organization without your explicit consent. If you want us to disclose your medical information to another individual, organization or next of kin, you must tell us. In exceptional emergency situations, and in accordance with medical confidentiality guidelines and relevant law, we may be required to disclose such information to relatives, family members or other third parties.

To help us ensure that your personal information remains accurate and up to date, please inform us of any changes.

Under data protection legislation in the United Kingdom, you can ask for a copy of certain personal records we hold about you. We may make a charge for this service. You can do this by writing to the Data Protection Officer at the address provided at the end of this document.


We work with certain third parties to research usage and activities on our website on our behalf. No personal information about you is shared; however in the course of conducting this research these third parties may place a unique ‘cookie’ on your browser. Our public website and internet services, along with most other major websites, use cookies.

Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to the cookie file on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies enable users to navigate around the website and (where appropriate) enable us to tailor the content to fit the needs of visitors who have accessed the site.

We use two types of cookies on our website.

Session cookies, which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your computer until you close your browser at which point they are deleted.

Persistent or stored cookies that remain permanently on the cookie file of your computer.

Cookies cannot look into your computer and obtain information about you or your family or read any material kept on your hard drive and, unless you have logged onto our secure internet services, cookies cannot be used to identify who you are.

Cookies do not in any way compromise the security of our internet services.

The web browsers of most computers are initially set up to accept cookies but you can set your web browser to disable cookies or to inform you when a website is attempting to add a cookie. If you disable session cookies, you will not be able to log onto the secure part of our internet services. However, if your computer is set to disable persistent cookies, you may still be able to access our internet services; however, your navigation of the website may be less enjoyable.

You can also delete cookies that have previously been added to your computer’s cookie file.

In order to develop our website in line with customer needs, MedExPlans uses Hitsteps to track usage on our website. Hitsteps provide MedExPlans with statistics to show us which pages on our website are visited most frequently and how long visitors spend on our website. We use this information to help us plan how we can improve the website.

Hitsteps uses a cookie to track the number of unique users of the site. It tells us whether we have a small number of regular visitors to the website or a large number of infrequent visitors. None of the information can be traced to an individual – we do not know who you are as a unique user, merely that there are a certain number of people using the website. The cookie only relates to what goes on in the MedExPlans website and the information cannot be used for marketing on an individual basis. For more information about how Clicky collects data, please read their Privacy Policy.

How to manage cookies

Please visit Interactive Advertising Bureau UK to discover how to disable and delete cookies.v