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The last thing you want to worry about when you have a medical problem is if your insurance will cover you. We take care of it and you should concentrate on getting well and not worry about money.
Perhaps you are already established as a Expatriate living far from home on distant shores.

Where ever you are now, understanding Expatriate Health Insurance requirements is vital to safe, risk free Global travel. Accidents do happen and when you least expect it. Insuring you have the right type of Expatriate Health Insurance will mean, should anything untoward happen, you will not be faced with a large medical bill, or even worse, insufficient medical care.


Our Health Plans are aimed at making it easier and more cost effective for clients to purchase the cover they need. It has been designed to be as flexible as possible whilst remaining as straightforward as possible.

There are all different levels of cover:


In-patient and day-patient treatment,

Routine Dental and Maternity,

Emergency Evacuation benefit,


It also comes with NIL deductible/excess (100% reimbursement!)


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All Insurance is arranged through Licensed Insurers.


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