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Frequent Asked Questions

These are just a few frequently asked questions about private international health insurance.

Who is eligible?
Anybody who lives outside of their home country and their indigenous spouses and children and applies before age 74 for all plans. Children can be covered immediately from birth.

Can I seek treatment anywhere in the world?
Yes, so long as it is within the geographical area you have paid for.

What if I have two passports?
If you have two nationalities, sign up as a national of the country that you are least likely to visit or want to return to for medical treatment. Then you’ll have no home country restriction in the other country for which you hold a passport.

What if I have a foreign spouse, a citizen of the country of my residence?
The primary applicant must be an expatriate, if you have a foreign spouse they can be covered and have no home country limitation. If you want to return to your home country and keep the insurance going, then switch your spouse to be the primary applicant who will then be an expatriate. Then you can be the indigenous spouse with no home country limitation. Not all our insurance providers we work with allows it. We will advise you accordingly.

Will my insurance be effected when I leave the country I reside and be appointed to work in another country?
Not at all. You can carry on with MedExPlans even though you are sent to work in another country. You will still be an expatriate. All you will have to do is inform us about your new residence address change and we will handle the rest. You will still receive our full support as our client.

Can I go to any hospital?
Yes, we don’t have an approved list. You can go to any hospital or clinic you like.

Can I change the Level or Area of cover?
You may change your level of cover at your next renewal date, and area of cover at any time. Obviously, if you upgrade the wait period for benefits such as routine pregnancy still apply. If you have a medical condition under treatment and want to change your geographical area to be treated in the US, then this will be at our discretion.

Am I covered if I travel outside of my country of residence?
Yes, cover limit restriction apply. Please refer to table of benefits.

What is pre-existing condition?
A pre-existing medical condition or related medical condition means any disease, illness or injury you had before the date on which your international health insurance plan starts, whether the condition has been diagnosed or not, that has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • was foreseeable;
  • clearly showed itself;
  • you had signs or symptoms of;
  • you asked for advice about;
  • you received treatment for;
  • to the best of your knowledge, you were aware you had.

What does routine dental cover?
Routine dental covers annual check ups, cleaning, x-rays, drilling, filling,root canals, extractions etc. Basically, it covers any treatment to sound natural teeth. There is waiting period 6 months.

How can I pay?
You can pay by credit card/debit card or bank transfer. EU Citizens can pay by Direct Debit from their European Bank Account.