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Claim Procedure

IMPORTANT NOTE: We would remind you that all claims should be submitted within 6 months of the date of treatment otherwise they will not be considered for reimbursement.

Claims procedures for claims involving a Medical Emergency. To ensure that you and your family members receive quality support and assistance in the case of an emergency, where possible, you should contact Assistance Services Helpline within 48 hours of the event or ask us either by email or instant messenger to contact Assistance Services as soon as possible after admission, to verify eligibility. The 24-hour Helpline can provide you with a wide range of assistance services, from identifying an English-speaking doctor through to arranging a full medical evacuation. Pre-Authorization for hospitalization is not required in emergency cases, however, they should be advised within 48 hours of the event. This will ensure that your claim is processed quickly and will also give them an opportunity of settling directly with the provider for the treatment received.

In-patient claims in the event of hospitalization, Underwriters will arrange for direct settlement with providers where possible and with sufficient notice, arrange for direct settlement with providers subject to any co-payments, excess/deductibles and benefit limits.

Claim department should be contacted prior to commencement of treatment by your physician to have your treatment approved over the telephone. They can then be ensured there will be no delays at the time of admission and they can advise you regarding cover for your condition.

Non-emergency Medical Claims Please follow the guidelines below to help Claims and Assistance Services process your claims promptly and efficiently. All claims should be submitted to Underwriters with original supporting documentation, invoices and receipts within 6 months after the treatment date or within 6 months after the end of the insurance year, whichever is sooner. Before you make a claim, it is important to ensure that your plan covers the treatment you are seeking. Helpline staff would be happy to assist with any queries you may have.