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International Health Insurance for Expats

Protect what matters most to You, Your Family or Employees!

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We are experienced healthcare consultants. We advise on Expat Health Insurance for those living and working abroad. Mostly in Asia-Pacific and Europe. We happily serve Diplomats, Families,Individuals and Companies.


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Thank you for checking in here.
Please feel free to contact us from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 a.m.and 8 p.m. CET.
We reply to all enquires always within  24h.


Even if you are alone in a foreign country, you know that there is someone you can rely on in case you get ill.


The family is very important for everyone. We want you to have peace of mind when any member of your loved one get sick and need to be hospitalized or transported back to home country.

Companies & Diplomats

Take care of your employees who may not be eligible for health coverage in the new country of their residence such as Diplomats. Those who often go for a business trip are vulnerable to get ill or an accident.

Individuals & Families

The last thing you want to worry about when you have a medical problem is if your insurance will cover you. We take care of it and you should concentrate on getting well and not worry about money.

Perhaps you are already established as an Expatriate living far from home on distant shores. Where ever you are now, understanding Expatriate Health Insurance requirements is vital to safe, risk-free Global travel. Accidents do happen and when you least expect it. Ensuring you have the right type of Private Health Insurance will mean, should anything untoward happen, you will not be faced with a large medical bill, or even worse, insufficient medical care.

Our Health Plans are aimed at making it easier and more cost-effective for clients to purchase the coverage they need. It has been designed to be as flexible as possible whilst remaining as straightforward as possible.

Group Plans for Companies & Diplomats

The standard expatriate healthcare plans are also available to Companies for their expatriate employees and Diplomats and their families. Our agency support everyone in Asia-Pacific region and Europe.

The new offering enables employees to confidently and effortlessly enrol their staff without medical underwriting concerns and cover all pre-existing conditions. This is subject to certain condition. We offer a lot of flexibility for international movers.
Please contact us for more details.

We Got You Covered. Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

We can provide you with the knowledge and experience that we ourselves have earned.  With MedExPlans you can create a high-quality, accessible comprehensive health insurance plan and services that’s perfectly tailored for the needs of you and your family. Appropriate Private Health Insurance will save you from the burden of paying the full costs for your medical care.

We Are Professional Advisors, Not Sales People

1. Who is eligible?

Anybody who lives outside of their home country and their indigenous spouses and children and applies before age 74 for all plans. Children can be covered immediately from birth.

5. Can I seek treatment anywhere in the world?

Yes, so long as it is within the geographical area you have paid for.

2. Can I go to any hospital?

Yes, we don’t have an approved list. You can go to any hospital or clinic you like. 

3. Will my insurance be affected when I leave the country I reside and be appointed to work in another country?

Not at all. You can carry on with MedExPlans even though you are sent to work in another country. You will still be an expatriate. All you will have to do is inform us about your new residence address change and we will handle the rest. You will still receive our full support.

4. Can I change the Level or Area of the cover?

You may change your level of cover at your next renewal date and area of cover at any time. Obviously, if you upgrade, the waiting period for benefits such as routine pregnancy still apply. If you have a medical condition under treatment and want to change your geographical area to be treated in the US, then this will be at our discretion.

Our Basic Plans




Standard Plus

For those who almost never see a doctor but need peace of mind in case something unexpected happens.



Those who need a little bit more than Standard Plus choose Comprehensive. The plan is very popular among our clients due to its benefit and competitive price.


The plan is the most popular among young women because it has included routine maternity benefit. Besides, for someone who need something extra.

About Us

MedExPlans have initially been established to serve clients based only in Japan.  We experienced growth in the number of corporate and diplomats outside Japan. Within those groups, people are on the move usual every three or five years. Because our insurance is portable, we continue to provide them with our excellent dedicated support. We answer always withn 24h or often sooner.



“I have been a client since 2014. I can honestly admit that support is very good. They are like lawyers. Why? Because they follow up on my claims or requests that I sometimes forget to deal with”

Jose M.

Diplomat, Embassy in Berlin

“I`m happy to have direct contact with the agent when I have a question. It`s the most important for me to know that there is someone I can rely on and receive an answer almost instantly.”

Maria R.

Second Secretary, Embassy in Switzerland

“I met an agent in Tokyo in 2009 when I was shopping for health insurance. Since then I had no doubts and immediately decided to go ahead. I`m still his client today in 2019.”

Jack N.

Business Consultant, GJ in Tokyo

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We will be happy to provide you and/or your family members with a quotation upon initial consultation with us. We want to help you, therefore first, we determine what your needs are and then, we will be able to provide you with an appropriate plan and price.