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expat healthcare in japanTokyo Tour 2016 – Expats Healthcare Japan.

I`m writing this post in Japan. Tomorrow will be last day of the tour I did. July is hot and humid in Japan which makes me like not going outside. Of course I`d prefer to stay in air-conditioned room, but tour is tour and I came here to see my current clients and prospective clients.
I said this many times on various occasions and I will say it again:

Excellent communication and relationship is a key when comes to provide services. It`s about willingness to help and be there any time when those we serve need our support.

Yet, as individual and independent consultant there is always space for improvement. We must always listen our clients` feedback and do everything what`s necessary to get even better.

What I learned during 3 weeks Tokyo Tour?

  • I`ve heard stories about insurers who don`t allow their clients to send email direct to their agent to answer simple questions. I was very surprised to hear this. As a result, their clients must wait 15 working days (yes, fifteen working days!) to receive a reply.
  • Another inconvenience was about making a call to insurance company each time to get pre-approval prior to visit a doctor or dentist. I was told that due to difficulties to get through to insurance company it resulted that a man had to give up to see a doctor. (this was based on real situation)

I just cannot understand why it takes so long for the company to answer emails. Why are clients not allowed to contact agent directly?

We prefer to buy branded products whether these are clothes or other goods such computers. We want to make sure that we get perfect quality. I agree with it in some point. However, the excitement can turn into disappointment when we need a help and try to reach non-existent support. I have read a lot of reviews when I searched for new laptop computer a few years ago. My focus was to find opinion about support. It may be only a product, but even the best product on the world without good customer support a company will eventually lose their clients.
In health care, lack of help can result in more serious consequences for you.

Smaller companies  (not all them of course) tend to have much better service. I found that “mom and dad” shops are more responsive than bigger ones. They are aware that in order to grow, gain trust and establish themselves in very competitive world they must give more than those with big marketing budget. Most of their clients are happy and stay with them for long time. It shouldn`t matter whether the company is big or small.
The most important in my opinion is the person whom you speak with. This is the person you should be able to reach easy. This is the person who should be like your best uncle or aunt and maybe a friend whom you can rely almost at any time.

Unfortunately, even if I wanted very much I cannot please everyone. I meet prospective client and give them as much information as possible, but they are the one who make final decision. Of course I follow up, but I don`t like to be pushy and salesy. They know what`s the best for them. I want everyone to be fully aware of what they get and I`m always happy to serve my clients the best way I can. I have to live too, but I cannot force everyone to take my offer. I don`t have a quota to make for my boss. I`m not a salesman, I am consultant, adviser and a “friend”.

In order to communicate easier with everyone I use Skype and Instant Messengers such LINE (popular in Japan), WhatsApp , Viber and recently WeChat (popular in China). Majority of my clients contact me using only those tools. I try to reply instantly if possible or within next 12h. It`s easy and free including calls.
It is unacceptable to leave you waiting for more than 2h when your health or even life is at stake.

It`s Your Health and Your Life you must protect. Make sure that there is someone to take care of you when you need a help.

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